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Which side are you on?

The time is now for an American solution that will secure our families' health and a healthy economy.

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Which side are you on?

Are you with us for a guarantee of quality affordable health care for all? We need coverage that meets our families’ health care needs and is affordable, based on a sliding scale. We need government to be an advocate for us and set and enforce the rules so insurance companies put our health care before their profits. We need to be able to keep the health care that we have and have the choice of a public health insurance option so we’re not left at the mercy of the same private insurance companies that have gotten us into this mess. We need quality, affordable care we all can count on. 


Are you for leaving us on our own to buy private health insurance?Leaving us to fend for ourselves in the complicated private insurance market? Do you want insurance companies to be able to sell bare-bones plans with high deductibles? Do you want to start paying income taxes when your employer pays for health coverage? You don’t want any regulations on private insurance so they can keep denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and raising rates on the sick. And you don’t want any limits on health insurance company premiums or profits or on how much drug companies can charge for prescriptions.

Read our Statement of Common Purpose to see where we stand.

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